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Lilias silent,-while her old friend, in his self-complacent manner, was making known to her his political speculations. At length her resentment found utterance in words of great ire and scorn. What, Master Wingate. have you eaten my mistresss bread, to say nothing of my masters, so many years, that you could live to think of her being dispossessed of her having sex Castle of Avenel, by a wretched monk, who is not a drops blood to her in the way of relation. I, that am but a woman, would try first whether my rock or his cowl was the better metal. Shame on you, Master Wingate. I People having sex naked I had not held you as so old an acquaintance, this should have gone to my Ladys ears though I had been called pickthank and tale-pyet for my pains, as when I told of People having sex naked Graeme shooting the wild swan. Master Wingate was somewhat dismayed at perceiving, that the details which he had given of his far-sighted political views had produced on his hearer rather suspicion of his fidelity, than admiration of his wisdom, and endeavoured, as hastily as possible, to apologize and to explain, although internally extremely offended at the unreasonable view, as he deemed it, which it naked pleased Mistress Lilias Bradbourne to take of recipes for parmesan chicken expressions; and mentally convinced that her disapprobation of his sentiments arose solely out of the consideration, that though Father Ambrose, supposing him to become people master of the castle, would certainly require the services of a steward, yet those of a waiting-woman would, in the supposed circumstances, be altogether superfluous.
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